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MS Excel 2013

E-learning course “MS Excel 2013” was created to introduce the participants to the advanced features of MS Excel 2013 and master the skills of editing, analyzing and presenting data, often crucial for making important managerial decisions. The course contains interactive modules and knowledge tests through which participants will be able to adopt new material in a simple and interesting way.


Upon completion of the course participants will have an insight into the breadth of options that MS Excel offers, as well as the skills of applying options. Students will learn how to format tables and cells through the course, and how to format the data. It will learn which features are available when analyzing data. Then, how to selectively display specific data and how to graphically display relevant data. Students will learn how to use Pivot tables and how to use and apply some of the most useful features MS Excel offers.


4 hours per module






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Course contents

Module 1 – Working with data and tables
Module 2 – Basics of calculations and functions
Module 3 – Manage Data in Excel
Module 4 – Charts and diagrams
Module 5 – Using Pivot tables and Pivot charts
Module 6 – Advanced Features

Each module contains a task that needs to be completed, i.e. it is necessary to get a point that the mentor assigns after you successfully complete everything required in the assignment.


The course is intended for people who want to expand their knowledge of MS Excel 2013 and its practical application.


Saša Bradić
Excel Expert

Saša will be your mentor on the course for MS Excel 2013. Sasha is Microsoft Certified Excel Expert. During more than 8 years of experience in this branch, he has developed over 300 learning modules. Idego works in the role of an instructional designer with a special focus on Moodle LMS. Saša has many certificates on the topic of learning, retention of knowledge, and techniques of making and delivering materials to students. To date, he has held more than 30 workshops on the topic of education technologies, content development in Moodle, creation of multimedia content and others.

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MS Excel 2013

The course is intended for people who want to expand their knowledge of MS Excel 2013 and its practical application.