About Idego

“There is no darkness but ignorance”William Shakespeare

Lifelong learning and professional development are the basic elements of the information society and the knowledge society. It is especially difficult for employees to reconcile personal obligations with participation in educations that have a precisely defined term and place. We are looking for solutions that allow a time flexible and location independent learning option, where we come to the topic of e-learning.

Idego is a consulting company specializing in creating a professionally oriented education mix for the development of employees, corporations, educational institutions and individuals.

The company was established in 2006 and through education programs we enable all users to develop an education strategy that guarantees return of invested funds, rapid accumulation of knowledge, and contributes to significant savings of time and financial resources, whether it is an individual, corporation or educational set up.

We are focused on developing long-term relationships through providing quality solutions in the field of education, in defined time and financial frameworks, and with our expertise we are able to manage complex projects.

Idego implements the technology people can grasp and use, technologies designed according to the concept of delivering what people want, they need and in accordance with the abilities they possess. Technologies that enable people to learn and grow, and organizations to achieve their defined business goals.

In human logic, we are trying to demystify the use of technology with emphasis solely on the needs of our clients. By utilizing this unique approach, our goal is to introduce our products and services in a way that deletes the boundaries between technology and people who use it.

PDV and ID number

Registration number 065 – 0 – Reg – 10 – 001507

PDV number: 200904050001

ID number: 4200904050001