Other Services


Knowledge, creativity and cutting-edge graphics programs are our foundation for shaping your message about the activity you are dealing with so that it is aesthetically acceptable, recognizable and understandable to the intended audience. After agreement with the client about what kind of product they require, we guarantee precision in operation and absolute focus on the implementation of your wishes and needs in the work.
We create a visual identity for your company (designing logos, memos, envelopes …)
We design packaging
We design publications (brochures, books, magazines, publications for publication in electronic media)
We design and prepare promotional material for printing
We create corporate video materials and multimedia presentations
We create a User Interface Design for mobile and web applications


Professional website design and management will enable high positioning among search results. and the professional appearance of the website will ensure the competitive advantage of your company in relation to others.
Effective information and well-presented services provide the ultimate user with an insight into how your company can facilitate your business and help you achieve your organizational goals.
Once we know your needs and desires, we are consulting you what are the best solutions for attracting targeted clients, as the customized pages will bring them the best results. The process of website design involves the exploration, definition and structuring of content, design design, programming, content input, and testing and publishing on the Internet
Idego offers a complete solution.
– creating a website
– maintenance and upgrading
– We change content at your request, post new offers and update information
– hosting websites

When designing web design, we respect current standards and trends, and we provide pages that are available to a wide range of users.


Training is a key component in integrating Distance Learning Solutions into an educated institution. Quality training ensures that all administrators and users have a good working knowledge of the key features and functionalities relevant to their roles, which ultimately ensures the long-term success of the project. We provide complete technical and user training for all products we have implemented and additional customer support.

Training can be realized face-to-face or online and depending on the group of internal users.
Within the training it is possible:
• train a select group of trainers who can successfully and e-learning e-learning within your organization, which includes technology training for using open source solutions.
• Train a group of trainers to make minimal changes to the online course
• Train a group of trainers for regular communication within the online community, by initiating, maintaining, encouraging interaction within your community
Through Distance Learning Solutions, we define the level and periodicity of training realization. Our goal is to give you, for a certain period of time, completely independent of the management of the e-learning system, depending on your capabilities.